ShoeSecure® is a fantastic new invention to prevent a horse from treading on the heels of its front shoes and ripping them off. Losing horseshoes in the field can be a recurring nightmare, the inconvenience of replacing lost shoes and the risk of the shoes lying in the field somewhere with the nails sticking up is a genuine concern. 

ShoeSecure® also protects the horse from over reach damage and possible hoof damage which can occur when shoes are ripped off. 

Used correctly the ShoeSecure® will last for months.  Made from an extremely strong thermoplastic polymer,  they are lightweight, strong and durable but still flexible.

Please note: this model is designed for turnout only. 

Quick and easy to fit, just hold under the tap to clean.  The ShoeSecure® is secured onto the horseshoe with Bespoke SupaStuds with all the patented SupaStud features.

Choice of colours and (at present) two sizes.

shoe size 4 - 5 inches  - Small

shoe size 5 - 6 inches  - Medium

Currently larger foot/shoe sizes can be accommodated with a simple modification to the medium ShoeSecure - contact us for further details

Simple adjustments can be made to accommodate long-heeled, remedial or heart-bar shoes.

Check your horses' shoe size with your farrier.

Full fitting instructions - including a helpful video - can be found at ShoeSecure's website using the following link...

Kit includes a pair of ShoeSecures plus 4 ShoeSecure Studs


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