Freddie Carden

Having used SupaStuds for sometime I am delighted to now be a brand ambassador.  I am currently eventing up to intermediate level, and have 2 horses that I jointly own with my parents that I am running.


KEC PALLIS - known as Max is a 9 year old grey gelding, who I have had since he was 5 and have taken him up through the levels.  He has just completed his first 2* long, and I will be stepping him up to intermediate in the Autumn and aiming him at 3* long in 2022. 


Fortside Cobra - known as Cobra is a 6 year old chestnut gelding, who I bought last November from Vere Phillips, having sold my last intermediate horse.  I am very excited about Cobra, who I have just stepped up to Novice.  I am hoping to do the 6 year olds at Osberton with him in the Autumn, or a 2* short.