BlogAre you preparing for your first season of Eventing?

Are you preparing for your first season of Eventing?

Are you preparing for your first season of Eventing? Are you unsure on what equipment you need, particularly when it comes to the infamously painful task of studding up? Stop right here… SupaStuds are your solution!!! “Easier, faster, safer” is their motto, and they are certainly just that… SupaStuds are used by many people in equestrian sport, ranging from people like you just starting out Eventing, to many of the top riders in various equine disciplines. SupaStuds have a unique, self-cleaning design which has been engineered to take the stress of studding up at events; you simply just screw the stud in! This makes them much faster, easier and also safer than conventional studs. Also, the travel studs, for me, are a MASSIVE time saver. I put them in either the night before an event or the morning of an event, and it makes it much easier when you arrive at the event! Selecting the most appropriate studs is very much a personal decision, depending on many different factors. However, here are my TOP 3 pieces of advice for choosing which studs to put in: 1. Generally, the softer the ground, e.g. typical March/April conditions, the square, dome and bullet-shaped studs are going to be useful. Whereas when the ground is hard and/or slippery, the smaller and more pointed studs will be better! 2. The smaller the horse/pony, the smaller the stud. In general, you want to use the smallest stud you can get away with to reduce the stress on the horse’s tendons. 3. If in any doubt, call SupaStuds on their helpline: +44 1299 403389. So what are you waiting for? Go to the SupaStuds website and buy your new studs now to make studding up at those first events stress-free! Best of luck this season, and if you’ve got any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me (Abi, Brand Ambassador or SupaStuds directly)!

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